Igraph Analysis Stops with No Data #974

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OmarY commented Dec 29, 2016

We are using Igraph and python to analyse a huge graph and extract communities using Multilevel as follow: (same thing with R)

writer = csv.writer(open("/data/comOpModoutput.csv", "wb"))
for name, membership in izip(gr.vs["name"], membership):
writer.writerow([name, membership])'

The file is Ok when we have 100,000 node and 1M edge but when we launch the process on a bigger graph then the process finishes without any error but no file as output.

Can you please help me ?


ntamas commented Dec 29, 2016

The code that you have posted contains syntax errors; for instance, there is no variable named membership by the time you reach the for loop, hence the loop will never execute (Python would throw a NameError instead). Please post a working code snippet along with a data file on which I could reproduce the problem. (If the file is large, compress it and post it somewhere so I can download it).

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