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Check if you have contributed to the configured repository today.
Runs as a native Android app or a browser app.
Written pulely in Kotlin (thanks to Kotlin/JS!).


I never want to miss to fill the contribution map in GitHub.
To accomplish that, I decided to update this repository every day.
It's just a diary to record what computer-related-things I've done everyday.
Updating the repository is not directly connected to contributions to OSSs, but it does keep me motivated.

Usage of the Browser App

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your GitHub user name, repository name to check the latest commit date, and your pesonal access token for GitHub, then click Start Checking.
  3. The app periodically (every about 5 mins.) checks the commttedDate of the latest commit on the master branch of<your-github-user-name>/<repository-name> with GitHub API.
    • Then if the latest commit date is not later than the beginning of today, the app warns you ⚠️.
  4. That's it!

Known Issues

Currently this app is only for me. So there're several issues I intentionally skipped to solve.
Pull requests are welcome!

  1. The Android app is not published on Google Play yet (due to the following issues).
  2. The timezone is hardcoded as Asia/Tokyo. So if you don't live in Japan, it doesn't work as expected.
  3. Poor error handling: e.g. even if you enter a wrong personal access token, the app doesn't show you any detailed error messages.
  4. The app doesn't check who is the committer. So if you check commits of a repository committed by several people, the app can show wrong check result.
  5. Only GitHub is supported. Sorry for GitLab and Bitbucket fans.
  6. No iOS version. But I have no iOS machine and no Mac, so I'd publish the core library on a Maven repository to let someone to create if necessary.


Check if you have contributed to the configured repository today.







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