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project_lib_path = File.expand_path(File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), "..", "lib"))
require 'agent'
# First, we declare a new Ruby struct, which will encapsulate several arguments, and then
# declare a clientRequests channel, which will carry our Request struct. Nothing unusual,
# except that we also set the size of our channel to two – we’ll see why in a
# second.
Request =, :resultChan)
clientRequests = channel!(Request, 2)
# Now, we create a new worker block, which takes in a “reqs” object, calls receive on it
# (hint, req’s is a Channel!), sleeps for a bit, and then sends back a timestamped
# result. With the help of some Ruby syntax sugar, we then start two workers by passing
# this block to our go function.
worker = do |reqs|
loop do
req = reqs.receive[0]
sleep 1.0
req.resultChan << [, req.args + 1].join(' : ')
# start two workers
go!(clientRequests, &worker)
go!(clientRequests, &worker)
# The rest is simple, we create two distinct requests, which carry a number and a reply
# channel, and pass them to our clientRequests pipe, on which our workers are waiting.
# Once dispatched, we simply call receive and wait for the results!
req1 =, channel!(String))
req2 =, channel!(String))
clientRequests << req1
clientRequests << req2
# retrieve results
puts req1.resultChan.receive[0] # => 2010-11-28 23:31:08 -0500 : 2
puts req2.resultChan.receive[0] # => 2010-11-28 23:31:08 -0500 : 3
# Notice something interesting? Both results came back with the same timestamp! Our
# clientRequests channel allowed for up to two messages in the pipe, which our workers
# immediately received, executed, and returned the results. Once again, not a thread
# or a mutex in sight.