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Commits on Mar 09, 2012
@nate nate Update spec/spec_helper.rb (formerly helper.rb) and set a default rak…
…e task
@nate nate Import of gore and making the specs work with the new code 492632f
@nate nate Changing how receive is used in a few places f702c57
@nate nate Remove a bit of code that is unsafe for ruby 1.8 3bc3b05
Commits on Mar 12, 2012
@nate nate Making the library ruby 1.8.x compatible 0b1401f
@nate nate Better handling channels that are unmashalled and were closed while i…
…n transit
@nate nate Use wait_until instead of wait_while in a few cases for readability 7b67d68
@nate nate Make load path tweaking more obvious in benchmarks and examples. Fixe…
…d examples, too.
@nate nate Removing stray object creation that was unused 1f1adae
@nate nate Closing channels opened in the channel spec 9e48060
@nate nate Fixing a channel closing bug 9baa2f7
@nate nate Closing up channels at the end of the agent-workers example ab1d203
@nate nate Closing the channel in the producer-consumer example cbe1dc1
@nate nate Closing all the channels at the end of the sieve benchmark be33831
@nate nate Closing all the channels at the end of the sieve spec c751f4d
@nate nate Close channels in channel_of_channels_spec 3d119c2
@nate nate Close channels in producer_consumer_spec be1b498
@nate nate Don't allow channels to be closed more than once 21164b6
Commits on Mar 13, 2012
@nate nate jruby truly deadlocks, so skip this test. 160e0e3
@nate nate Don't require a block for select cases d331aed
Commits on Mar 18, 2012
@nate nate Make synchronous channels work d5040c3
@nate nate Allow blocking_once to be called recursively 57f4762
Commits on Mar 19, 2012
@nate nate Make select work properly with unbuffered channels 0fd2693
@nate nate Remove an optimization that ended up being a non-optimization f0c7646
@nate nate Ignore the tmp directory (using it for scratch files) e28b400
@nate nate Make selector raise an error when the channel is closed out from unde…
…r it
@nate nate Move the ChannelClosed Exception into the Agent namespace as it's use…
…d outside of Channel
@nate nate Raise a ChannelClosed error if acting on a Push or a Pop that has bee…
…n closed
@nate nate Raise a custom error if the Queue size is invalid 8d9f420
@nate nate Update the README to reflect new API and semantics 9967f8d
@nate nate Spec out Agent.go! fcf76aa
@nate nate Better describe the spec for Agent.go! 323b6d7
@nate nate Spec out Agent::Notifier f802d2a
@nate nate Make WaitGroup raise an exception when it becomes negative (just like…
… in go)
@nate nate Spec out Agent::WaitGroup 70c712d
Commits on Mar 20, 2012
@nate nate Make a selector spec more reliable e9edbd1
@nate nate Return a rollback error instead of an already performed error 19d72e5
Commits on Mar 21, 2012
@nate nate Spec out queues and ensure they are thread-safe c4c0c02
@nate nate Switching to Mutex from Monitor for push and pop since Mutex is much,…
… much faster
@nate nate Switching to Mutex in Notifier for speed e1b70ae
@nate nate Switching to Mutex in Once and BlockingOnce (again, for speed) 340ad28
@nate nate Switching from Monitor to Mutex in Queue for speed 997df8e
@nate nate More Monitor => Mutex switchings, this time in Agent::Queues 3a7e22b
@nate nate Switching from Monitor => Mutex in WaitGroup as well ee27c7b
@nate nate Removing the last traces of Monitor from Agent. I guess we didn't nee…
…d re-entrant mutexes after all.
@nate nate Separate the two queue types and spec them out c85fe3c
@nate nate Removing garbage code...not sure why this made sense before... d9c1f35
@nate nate Removing the concept of "runnable", since it's so fuzzy and getting f…
@nate nate Spec push and spec pop 46cabb8
@nate nate Bump version to 1.0.0 f2f44b2
@nate nate Confirm that the queues enqueue and dequeue in order 18c0227
@nate nate Speccing out rollbacks on push and pop fc7ea7b
@nate nate Upgrade to the latest rspec fd4585b
@nate nate Add benchmark results 7bd6d54
@nate nate The default channel will be closed in the ensure of! c58e5ff
Commits on Mar 22, 2012
@nate nate Just use an @closed boolean instead of @state == :closed fbf6a3f
@nate nate Get rid of the attr_reader for queue in channel a1fa6be
@nate nate Switch channels to use the more go-like syntax 1eb42b8
@nate nate Allow channels to be represented as unidirectional 39ccf06
Commits on Mar 25, 2012
@nate nate Consolidate and simplify errors and their organization 81372a3
@nate nate Get rid of extra attr_reader on Agent::Channel d333624
@nate nate Make Queues responsible for handling type checking 5760ff0
@nate nate Spec out that pushing to a queue with an invalid type will raise an e…
@nate nate Lining up some assignments ce9a466
@nate nate Remove a couple comments 6f24584
Commits on Mar 27, 2012
@nate nate Switch to using Celluloid's UUID generator for speed
Thanks to @tarcieri and @mental
@nate nate Get rid of a stray comment 692c101
@nate nate Re-benchmark and add a shell script to automate the sieve benchmark d9e489b