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# Ilya Grigorik - February 28 / '09
# HTTP driver for a browser based Map-Reduce
# 1) Server redirects the client to available jobs
# 2) Client executes javascript map/reduce jobs via JavaScript
# 3) Client emits (POST) intermediate results back to job server
# 4) Client is redirected to next available job (map or reduce)
require "rubygems"
require "sinatra"
configure do
set :map_jobs, Dir.glob("data/*.txt")
set :reduce_jobs, []
set :result, nil
get "/" do
redirect "/map/#{options.map_jobs.pop}" unless options.map_jobs.empty?
redirect "/reduce" unless options.reduce_jobs.empty?
redirect "/done"
get "/map/*" do erb :map, :locals => {:file => params[:splat].first}; end
get "/reduce" do erb :reduce, :locals => {:data => options.reduce_jobs}; end
get "/done" do erb :done, :locals => {:answer => options.result}; end
post "/emit/:phase" do
case params[:phase]
when "reduce" then
options.reduce_jobs.push params['count']
redirect "/"
when "finalize" then
options.result = params['sum']
redirect "/done"