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directive_processor downcasing causes uppercased paths to fail #6

brettm523 opened this Issue · 3 comments

3 participants

brettm523 Ilya Grigorik Spain Train

If a path or filename has an uppercase letter, it will not be found due to the downcasing that happens in directive_processor.rb. Is there a reason for the downcasing?

Ilya Grigorik

Thanks for reporting this - on OSX the filepaths are case insensitive, but that's definitely not true everywhere. :)

Spain Train

On the flip, this appears to break valid require statements, in my particular case goog.editor.Command (google example here). While the obvious workaround is changing the case in the require statements to match filenames, this may break code if it is moved somewhere else (i.e., somewhere not using closure-sprockets).

It seems like perhaps #10 will fix this issue altogether?

Ilya Grigorik

@SpainTrain yep, #10 should resolve it.

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