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Async (EventMachine) HTTP client, with support for:

  • Asynchronous HTTP API for single & parallel request execution
  • Keep-Alive and HTTP pipelining support
  • Auto-follow 3xx redirects with max depth
  • Automatic gzip & deflate decoding
  • Streaming response processing
  • Streaming file uploads
  • HTTP proxy and SOCKS5 support
  • Basic Auth & OAuth
  • Connection-level & Global middleware support
  • HTTP parser via http_parser.rb
  • Works wherever EventMachine runs: Rubinius, JRuby, MRI

Getting started

gem install em-http-request


Several higher-order Ruby projects have incorporated em-http and other Ruby HTTP clients:

  • EM-Synchrony - Collection of convenience classes and primitives to help untangle evented code (Ruby 1.9 + Fibers).
  • Rack-Client - Use Rack API for server, test, and client side. Supports Rack middleware!
  • Faraday - Modular HTTP client library using middleware heavily inspired by Rack.


Other libraries & applications using EM-HTTP

  • VMWare CloudFoundry - The open platform-as-a-service project
  • PubSubHubbub - Asynchronous PubSubHubbub ruby client
  • em-net-http - Monkeypatching Net::HTTP to play ball with EventMachine
  • chirpstream - EM client for Twitters Chirpstream API
  • rsolr-async - An asynchronus connection adapter for RSolr
  • Firering - Eventmachine powered Campfire API
  • RDaneel - Ruby crawler which respects robots.txt
  • em-eventsource - EventSource client for EventMachine
  • sinatra-synchrony - Sinatra plugin for synchronous use of EM
  • and many others.. drop me a link if you want yours included!


(MIT License) - Copyright (c) 2011 Ilya Grigorik

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