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Stream-processing response data

em-http invokes callback function when the request is fully parsed. However, in certain cases you want to connect to an endpoint and consume a long-lived stream of data, or process the response in small chunks. To address this, you can define a stream function on your connection object: anytime data is received by the connection, the data will be automatically passed to it. do
  http ='').get { |chunk| print chunk }

Some API’s, such as Twitter Streaming API provide a JSON stream over a long-lived HTTP connection – a perfect use case for a stream callback. Add a Yajl (JSON) stream parser, and you’re off to the races!

Streaming data off disk

EventMachine provides a send_file like utility for efficient uploads of files directly off disk – all you have to do is give EventMachine the name of the file and it will do the rest. do
  http ='').post :file => 'largefile.txt'
  http.callback { |chunk| puts "Upload finished!" }
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