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Latest commit 61d42e0 Apr 14, 2016 @KJTsanaktsidis KJTsanaktsidis Handle calling Kernel#sleep with no arguments
It is valid to call Kernel#sleep with no arguments. When the EM
synchrony monkey patch for Kernel#sleep is loaded, it incorrectly
defines the method as taking exacly one argument. This makes calling
`sleep` throw an ArgumentError, even when the EM reactor is not running.
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activerecord.rb Fix race condition with fiber Sep 27, 2013
activerecord_4_2.rb Go green, fix activerecord tests Jan 15, 2016
amqp.rb Fix validate_parameters_match! call in cached path Jul 19, 2013
connection_pool.rb added 'pool_status' method Oct 22, 2013
core_ext.rb unwrap to use full if - closes #62 Oct 2, 2011
em-hiredis.rb merge pubsub synchrony Nov 12, 2013
em-http.rb Add options and patch verbs to em-synchrony/em-http Oct 18, 2012
em-jack.rb shuffle dependencies: don't install gems by default, explicit requires Apr 24, 2010
em-memcache.rb add em-memcache wrapper around EM::P::Memcache as an option for users… Aug 13, 2010
em-mongo.rb Directly return from authentication Sep 18, 2011
em-multi.rb multi succeeds twice bug Apr 15, 2014
em-redis.rb fix async auth / add in em-redis. closes #22 Mar 22, 2011
em-remcached.rb declare paused - woops. May 13, 2011
fiber_iterator.rb Fix passing nested arrays to FIberIterator with iter Mar 1, 2016
iterator.rb fix iterators + add async http example with iterator Mar 20, 2010
kernel.rb Handle calling Kernel#sleep with no arguments Apr 14, 2016
keyboard.rb Adding a synchronous EM::Synchrony.gets to emulate gets Aug 19, 2011
mechanize.rb Pass through initialize args in EM::Synchrony::Mechanize. Feb 9, 2014
mongo.rb require mongo, fixes #137 Sep 6, 2012
mongoid.rb shuffle names & requires Oct 9, 2010
mysql2.rb fix nil callback issues when EM is not running Nov 30, 2011
tcpsocket.rb Improve TCPSocket read_nonblock & run TCP specs. Feb 10, 2013
thread.rb cosmetic changes Mar 14, 2012
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