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helper Skip certain specs when running on CI
activerecord_spec.rb Create the widgets table
amqp_spec.rb be_false too
beanstalk_spec.rb shuffle dependencies: don't install gems by default, explicit requires
connection_pool_spec.rb added 'pool_status' method
defer_spec.rb # add em-defer
em-mongo_spec.rb Also skip em-mongo authentication
fiber_iterator_spec.rb add fiber iterator: each block is wrapped in a fiber + auto-advance
hiredis_spec.rb hiredis_spec: Fix the first example
http_spec.rb Add options and patch verbs to em-synchrony/em-http
inlinesync_spec.rb add EM::Synchrony.sync for inline fiber sync (aka, inlineCallbacks in
iterator_spec.rb fix iterators + add async http example with iterator
keyboard_spec.rb Adding a synchronous EM::Synchrony.gets to emulate gets
memcache_spec.rb add em-memcache wrapper around EM::P::Memcache as an option for users…
mongo_spec.rb Added specs for mongo driver.
multi_spec.rb raise error on duplicate key in Multi, closes #86
mysql2_spec.rb add spec
redis_spec.rb Skip certain specs when running on CI
remcached_spec.rb remcached_spec: use 'skip'
synchrony_spec.rb synchrony_spec: Rewrite the second example
system_spec.rb Try re-enabling the system spec now
tcpsocket_spec.rb Improve TCPSocket read_nonblock & run TCP specs.
thread_spec.rb add failing test for race condition between ConditionVariable and timer
timer_spec.rb return EM:Timer from add_timer method
widgets.sql Create the widgets table
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