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Clarify that Github content is no longer trackable

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Sometimes it is impossible to embed the JavaScript tracking code provided by Google Analytics: the host page does not allow arbitrary JavaScript, and there is no Google Analytics integration. However, not all is lost! **If you can embed a simple image (pixel tracker), then you can beacon data to Google Analytics.** For a great, hands-on explanation of how this works, check out the following guides:
* [Using a Beacon Image for GitHub, Website and Email Analytics](
(also see FAQ below regarding GitHub)
* [Tracking Google Sheet views with Google Analytics using GA Beacon](
### Can I use this production?
@@ -51,3 +52,5 @@ You may also auto-calculate the tracking path based in the "referer" information
- **What about referrals and other visitor information?** Unfortunately the static tracking pixel approach limits the information we can collect about the visit. For example, referral information can't be passed to the tracking pixel because we can't execute JavaScript. As a result, the available metrics are restricted to unique visitors, pageviews, and the User-Agent and IP address of the visitor.
- **Do I have to use** You can if you want to - it's free, but there are no capacity or availability promises. For best results, deploy your own instance directly on Google App Engine: clone this repository, change the project name, and deploy your own instance - easy as that. The project is under MIT license.
- **Can I use this to track visits to my GitHub README and other GitHub-served content?** No, you cannot - see

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