Fix all symlinks to packages dir after web_ui compilation #17

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kothar commented Apr 26, 2013

I've further extended the buildpack to include fixing all packages symlinks after build.dart is executed.

The web/out folder (at least) contains several links to packages after the web_ui compiler runs, and these need fixing up before the slug will work on Heroku.

I also have set the path to include the dart bin directory before build.dart is executed, since I run dart2js from my build.dart.

In the case where no build.dart is present, these changes should not affect the buildpack's behaviour, except to fix any extra links to packages if they are not at web/packages.

sethladd commented Jun 4, 2013

Thanks for the patch. Do we still need it with the new 'pub deploy' command? And, why run build.dart on heroku?

kothar commented Jun 4, 2013

Possibly not, I've been following the mailing lists, but I've not had time to check it out yet. I will investigate some time this week.

The build.dart (in my case) is being used to take the sources in git and compile the Web UI components without needing to check-in the generated code to the repo.


Is this PR still active or should it be closed?


Let's close because we're supposed to get a pub build command soon.

@sethladd sethladd closed this Oct 27, 2013
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