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Evaluate any text against a collection of match rules
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Does it match? When regular expressions are not enough, textquery is the answer. For example, regular expressions cannot evaluate recursive rules and often result in overly verbose and complicated expressions.

Textquery is a simple PEG grammar with support for:

  • AND (spaces are implicit AND's)
  • OR
  • NOT (- is an alias)
  • 'quoted strings'
  • fuzzy matching
  • case (in)sensitive
  • attribute tags (e.g. surname:Smith)
  • custom delimiters (default is whitespace for words, : for attributes)

TextQuery in the wild: PostRank, PaperTrail, and others!

Example"'to be' OR NOT 'to_be'").match?("to be")   # => true"-test").match?("some string of text")      # => true"NOT test").match?("some string of text")   # => true"a AND b").match?("b a")                    # => true"a AND b").match?("a c")                    # => false

q ="a AND (b AND NOT (c OR d))")
q.match?("d a b")                                         # => false
q.match?("b")                                             # => false
q.match?("a b cdefg")                                     # => true"a~").match?("adf")                         # => true"~a").match?("dfa")                         # => true"~a~").match?("daf")                        # => true"2~a~1").match?("edaf")                     # => true"2~a~2").match?("edaf")                     # => false"a", :ignorecase => true).match?("A b cD")  # => true


The MIT License - Copyright (c) 2011 Ilya Grigorik

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