How do I resolve the error "error in process filter" [emacs] #132

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I just found this package for emacs and was wanting to try out few vimgolf challenges.
But it is not working for me.

I did M-x vimgolf and inserted this challenge ID: 52c3cb0d9b8634000200000e. So I expected it to open this challenge:

But instead, I get an error: error in process filter: Can't find data in response from vimgolf.

I tried few other challenge IDs but I get the same error.

What am I missing?


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timvisher commented Apr 7, 2014

@kaushalmodi vimgolf.el is quite out of date as I haven't been able to find time to work on it lately. At the very least, vimgolf now returns json and vimgolf.el assumes it needs to parse out yaml.

So in short, it needs a bit of hacking before it's going to work. You'd be more than welcome to take a shot at it. As far as emacs packages go it's not terribly complicated. :)

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