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Ivan Grishaev

IT engineer. Clojure(Script), Datomic, Python, React(Native). Russia, Voronezh, UTC +3.


  • 4 years with Clojure/Datomic in production;
  • 6 years of Python/Django in highloaded projects;
  • strong knowledge of PostgreSQL;
  • familiar with AWS, Docker, Bitcoin;
  • got some experience with mobile (Android/Java, iOS/Swift, re-natal).

Clojure contribution


Jan 2018 — now: Clojure developer @ Health Samurai (Russia)

Health Samurai is a medical startup that develops FHIR-compatible software. I was working on several internal services. One of them named US NPI is open source and may be found on GitHub. This service fetches the official US NPI registry and populates the database with actual data. It also provides flexible REST API, search capabilities and Swagger UI.

2016 — Dec 2017: Clojure developer @ Flyerbee (Switzerland)

Flyerbee is a web app that automates outdooring advertisement. I worked on both server and UI parts of it using modified Liminus stack. It includes Clojure, Ring, JDBC/PostgreSQL, Re-frame.

2015 — 2016: Python developer @ SwiftServe (UK)

SwiftServe is a world-wide CDN network that competes with AWS CloudFront. I developed three internal services written in Python and Django and set up micro-service architecture in AWS cloud. I integrated modern unit-test framework into our pipeline and added a new documentation system.

2013 — 2015: Python developer @ Dataart

DataArt is a vast outsourcing company. The main project I've been working on was a world-wide online game with 70M players. I developed several internal services, set up message queues and wrote lots of unit tests.

2008 — 2013: Various contracting jobs

I've been working on various projects including PHP, Java and Delphi. My clients were mostly individuals and mid companies. I used to develop desktop apps, online services and Android applications.


Bachelor Degree at Applied Informatics in Economics, Chita University of Economics, 2003 -- 2008

Own Projects and Open source

  • Queryfeed is an app to grab data from social networks using the official API and scrapping methods. It serves over 6M requests a day. There is a paid subscription with PayPal. Clojure, Datomic.

  • QRFD is a URL shorter. Single page application, Clojure, Re-frame, PostgreSQL.

  • Etaoin is a Clojure library for browser automation. It relies on pure Webdriver protocol and does not need installing Selenimum. In Flyerbee, I used it to write UI tests for our SPA application.

  • F — Python library for functional programming. It's a set of functions and collections borrowed mostly from Clojure, Scala and Haskell.

  • Python lessons for educational project Hexlet (in Russian, first, second courses). I've made 15 classes in total, each consists of a video, a quiz and a practical task.


I am a father of two. Enjoy winter activities. Run my blog in both English and Russian.

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