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IguanaIR software / firmware project

This project provides the software and firmware used with the IguanaWorks usbir hardware. This hardware is used to communicate via infrared signals between remote controls, computer systems, and consumer electronics. The hardware is most commonly used along side LIRC or WinLirc by individuals building customized media centers or similar projects, but people have also controlled glowing juggling balls or used these devices in university projects.

This code currently supports multiple Linux distributions on PCs or embeded platforms, such as the Raspberry Pi, along with Windows 7 through Windows 10. Windows XP and Vista should also work, but are not explicitly supported at this time. This software includes firmware update tools, command line testing tools, and Python (version 2 or 3) and C programming APIs for people who want to write their own code to interact with devices controlled by infrared signals.

Alternatively, a Linux kernel driver also supports the IguanaWorks usbir hardware and does not require or use the software provided here.

With either this software, or the kernel driver, Linux users commonly rely on LIRC to decode the infrared signals into a more user-friendly format such as "TV Power" or "Heater On":

Windows users usually rely on WinLIRC for signal decoding and coupled with plugins for frameworks such as Girder or EventGhost these configurations can tie infrared signals into home automation:

The hardware can be purchased from our website and bulk discounts are available:

The IguanaWorks website also provides Windows binaries, frequently asked questions, and a support site to contact the developers with questions, issues, or descriptions of interesting projects.

Thank you for your interest.

-The IguanaWorks Team