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In addition to those used for building IGV,
additional data must be downloaded.

These are available for download at
This zip file is approximately 300 Mb.

Unzip these files to igv/test/largedata. The unzipped size is approximately 1 Gb.

If you push to put these files at a different path, this path must be passed to ant as the property LARGE_DATA_DIR.
For example, let's say you placed these data files in /user/remote/drive/largedata:

ant -DLARGE_DATA_DIR="/user/remote/drive/largedata/" tests

To run the tests, simply execute the command:

ant tests

To run specific tests, specify a filesetpattern property:

ant -Dfilesetpattern=*reader* tests

This would run any test class which had "reader" in the name.

ant -Dfilesetpattern=IgvToolsTest tests

would run only those test classes named IgvToolsTest.

The build assumes that Apache BCEL is available.  If you have failing tests, add the BCEL JAR file to your
$ANT_HOME/lib directory.