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Releases: igwgames/nes-test

Version 0.3.2

27 Jan 01:29
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Minor updates to stability and documentation

Version 0.3.1

01 May 03:11
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Minor release to improve detection of C variables when they aren't used globally.

Version 0.3 [MAJOR REFACTOR]

14 Feb 01:48
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Version 0.3 is a major change to the functionality of the library.

It now runs the tests asynchronously, so you don't have to queue up all of the commands at once. There is also bi-directional communication between the emulator and the test library, allowing using Word values, and also rewriting memory addresses and collecting larger arrays of data.

There is also an API documentation site now as well:

v0.2.1 - stop creating temp directory

01 Feb 06:06
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This is a quick update to stop writing to a temp directory next to the rom. It instead uses the system temp directory. (Like I probably should've done in the first place)

v0.2.0 - ca65/cc65 symbol support (BREAKING CHANGE)

30 Jan 23:48
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This version adds support for parsing the .dbg files generated from the cc65 suite. If you have one available, the following new methods are available when running tests:

  • testSequence.getRamByteFromAssembly('variableName')
  • testSequence.getRamByteFromC('variableName')

These methods will throw an error if the relevant dbg file is not present.


  • testSequence.getRamValue was renamed to testSequence.getRamByte to be clearer, and make room for potential larger values down the road.

v0.1.0: First public release

22 Jan 09:42
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First public release. Very simple implementation of the basics.

If you like this thing, please let me know! I have a lot of ideas, but very little drive since I have a hard time picturing anyone using this seriously.

ps: I've included a macos build, however I currently have done no testing. Windows and linux work perfectly when paired with a working copy of Mesen.