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It's assumed you already have ikarus, bher, and Andreas Stuhlmuller's scheme-tools set up on your system. [fg-dir] is the absolute path for the factor-graphics directory e.g. /home/ih/factor-graphics/ (it's important to have the trailing '/'). [bher dir] is the absolute path for the bher directory e.g. /home/ih/bher-read-only/
====Modifications to bher source====
1) run the configure script
a) change directories to your factor-graphics directory
$cd [fg-dir]
e.g. $cd /home/ih/factor-graphics/
b) run the script
$python "[bher-dir]" "[fg-dir]"
You'll want to have the following paths on the PATH and IKARUS_LIBRARY_PATH environment variables. [inst dir] is the directory containing factor-graphics. I'm not sure about the exact syntax for your system, but it'll probably be something like this...
PATH=$PATH:[bher dir]:.
IKARUS_LIBRARY_PATH=[fg-dir]/scheme:[scheme-tools dir]:[bher dir]:.
here scheme-tools dir is the directory containing scheme-tools.
To see if everything works you can do the following
$cd [fg-dir]/church/tests
$ bher
$ bher
(note: due to path issues you currently have to run bher from the directory containing the church file being run if it uses eval)
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