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Simple mod-mail system for Discord
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Simple mod-mail system for Discord. See config.ini.example for configuration, copy to config.ini to use. Python 3.6 or later is required (3.6.8 tested).

Command usage to reply is only limited to the channel used for mod-mail, and not to users with specific roles. Don't allow everyone to send messages to the mod-mail channel because there is no role-check.

If you are adding a new bot to your server, you can use this link(replace client_id):


This automatically selects Read Messages, Send Messages, and Manage Messages. You may want to manually add this bot to your mod-mail channel though, if it is private.

Command usage

Assuming default prefix ? is used.

  • ?<userid> <message> - send message to user with userid
  • ?m - @mention last user who contacted mod-mail
  • ?ignore <userid> [reason] - ignore messages from userid with optional reason
  • ?qignore <userid> - quiet ignore, don't notify user
  • ?unignore <userid> - don't ignore messages from userid


MIT license

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