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Simple mod-mail system for Discord. See config.ini.example for configuration, copy to config.ini to use.

Python 3.6 or later is required. disnake 2.8 or later is required.

Command usage to reply is only limited to the channel used for mod-mail, and not to users with specific roles. Don't allow everyone to send messages to the mod-mail channel because there is no role-check.

If you are adding a new bot to your server, you can use this link(replace client_id):


Make sure to add the bot to your private mod-mail channel with Read Messages, Send Messages, and Manage Messages.

Main features

  • Works through DMs and a private mod-mail channel
  • Simple permission setup: anyone who can send to the private channel can reply
  • Easy replies: messages sent to the bot via DM have the user ID in the message to make it easy to copy, especially for mobile users
  • Staff replies are anonymous (can be toggled in config)
  • Replies posted to the channel are re-posted by the bot and deleted (intended to prevent staff from modifying them later)
  • Supports attachments
  • Supports ignoring users, and auto-ignoring spammers

Command usage

Assuming default prefix ? is used.

  • ?<userid> <message> - send message to user with userid (a space between the ? and id is acceptable)
  • ?r <message> - reply to last user who contacted mod-mail
  • ?m - get @mention for the last user who contacted mod-mail
  • ?ignore <userid> [reason] - ignore messages from userid with optional reason, notifies user
  • ?qignore <userid> - quiet ignore, don't notify user
  • ?unignore <userid> - stop ignoring messages from userid


A Docker image is provided for the latest release. To run, make sure to mount a path or volume to /home/modmail/data. config.ini must be placed in this directory, and must be writable for modmail_data.sqlite to be added. The uid of the container user is 3913.


docker run -v /opt/modmail-data:/home/modmail/data ianburgwin/discord-mod-mail:latest


MIT license