Script to forward and send android(with root) sms using adb
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Android SMS Relay

Script to forward android(with root) sms using adb

Useful when you have another phone number but unwilling to carry 2 phones out.


  • Forward sms to telegram chat.
  • Match contacts automatically.
  • Send sms using telegram.
  • Some useful features:
    • Query phone number(You can import contacts from iCloud).
    • Query curriculum.
  • Dual sim card to different users.
  • Reply telegram message to reply sms quickly.


  • An android device with root and debug mode open.
    • I use an android 4.0.4 because of poor, on other versions you should check the debug and lock screen settings.
  • A linux server(Rpi for example) with adb tools installed.
  • Proper network connection
    • I use shadowsocks to provide a socks5 proxy for connecting to telegram server due to the GFW.
    • Also a tinc VPN is used to forward requests to inner server:
    • Flask ===SOCK FILE=== nginx(Rpi, Fudan Uni.) ===TINC=== VPS nginx(AWS, Seoul)
  • Python 2.7, requests, requests[socks], flask, uwsgi, nginx, supervisor

How it works

  • Pull the database every several seconds, then check new sms from it. This process only cost about 0.01 sec, so it's fine.
  • Set a webhook to telegram bot, then it can receive message sent by the user.
  • Simulate key press when entering PIN code after reboot.

look1 (Send and receive sms, contacts matching automatically)

look2 (Query contacts)

look3 (Quick reply && Message for sending status)

look3 (Message update to sent status)