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A rabbit-tcp plugin for shadowsocks
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Rabbit TCP SIP003 Plugin

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A shadowsocks plugin with rabbit-tcp support.

Currently only client mode is supported. And currently this project is very unstable.


  1. Put the binary file to the same directory of shadowsocks
  2. Fill in Plugin Options with serviceAddr=your.ssserver:ssport;password=mypassword;tunnelN=6

How to run a rabbit tcp server

Choice 1: Run binary

  1. Download executable from rabbit-tcp release page
  2. Keep it running using systemd or supervisor, etc.

(You may have to write configure files by your own)

Choice 2: Run with docker (Recommended)

  1. Install docker and docker-compose if you don't have them
  2. Download docker-compose file
  3. Modify it and docker-compose -f docker-compose-server.yml up -d
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