This is my first attempt to create a 2D brawler game using HTML5, JavaScript and WebGL.
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This is my first attempt to create a 2D ["brawler"] ('em_up) game using HTML5, JavaScript and WebGL. While the graphic and audio files are borrowed (with permission) from an online course I took, all the JQuery and QUnit codes are mine. Refer License section below.

To play, go to


Finding himself lost in a thick jungle on an unfamiliar planet, Aidan is desperately trying to make contact with ZEUS. It shouldn't be long before they discover that his PAV has crushed, and send out a SAR team after him. Hungry and ill-equiped, Aidan hopes that the wait will be brief. Just then, he encounters these weird creatures that respawn and self-clone uncontrollably. Threaten by their intimidating looks, Aidan's rookie instinct got a better hold of him. He turns on his Bean Blaster and went berserk! O_O


  • Your objective is to exterminate as many ghosts as possible before the count down expires.
  • Beware of the ghosts' regular respawns and clones.
  • Use the directional arrow keys to move the main character.
  • Use the 'R' key to reload bullets.
  • Obstacles like the trees, bushes and rocks will block your path.
  • Your total scores will be calculated and presented once the timer expires.


Find me on [Twitter] (


Known Issues

  • Timer is not fully implemented
  • Latency in player's movement caused by sudden, sharp change in direction
  • Enemy's jerky stationary image

Coming Soon

  • Player's health
  • Update enemy with attacking capability
  • Fix timer
  • Cure enemy's seizure (jerky image)
  • Improve scorebox and 'help' UI


With the exception of the image and audio files, all HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, QUnit codes are free for re-use and modification after Dec 1, 2012 after GitHub Game-Off 2012 is over. For permission to re-use image and audio files, contact Pablo Farias Navarro. Character sprite images are from

GitHub Game Off, 2012

You have the entire month of November to create a web-based game loosely built around one or more of the following themes:

  • forking (or forks)
  • branching (or branches)
  • cloning (or clones)
  • pushing
  • pulling

What do we mean by loosely based on these concepts? We literally mean, loosely based. Some examples might be a FPS where you throw forks at water balloons, an educational game about DNA cloning, or perhaps a platformer where you push and pull objects.

Your game. Your rules. You can participate as an individual or as a team. You're encouraged to use open source libraries, frameworks, graphics, and sounds.


We have 5 shiny new iPads with Retina displays (64GB wifi models) to give to our winners (or Apple Store Credit equivalent). Runners up will receive GitHub swag of their choice ($100 credit for the GitHub Shop). If you have a team submission, we'll give you Apple Store credit equal to the value of the iPad. You can split it with your teammates as appropriate.

All of the winners and runners up will be showcased on our blog.

Everyone's a winner!

All participants will receive a limited edition Coderwall badge as shown above. Winners and runners up will also get their own special version of it.


We have a number of awesome judges who graciously volunteered to take a look at all the entries!


  • To qualify for entry as an individual you must fork the github/game-off-2012 repository to your individual account
  • To qualify for entry as a team you must fork the github/game-off-2012 to a free organization account
  • All entries must be web-based i.e. playable in a browser. HTML5, WebGL, Unity, Torque 3D, Node JS, Flash is all possible - just be sure the source is made available on your fork.
  • You must be over the age of 13


  • If you don't already have a GitHub account, sign up now - it's free!
  • Fork the github/game-off-2012 repository to your individual account (or to a free organization account)
  • Be sure to follow @github on Twitter for updates
  • Make sure your code is pushed to the master branch of before Dec 1st!
  • Make sure you have a README file with a brief description, what open source projects (if any) you used, and a screenshot.
  • Your repo should have a brief description and a URL where the game is playable entered into the fields shown below (this will make our judging process easier):

Winners will be announced before Christmas 🎅

Comments / Questions / Help

  • New to Git, GitHub, and/or version control? Check out our help documentation to get started!
  • Questions about Git/GitHub? Please email and be sure to include 'GitHub Game Off' in the subject.
  • Questions specific to the GitHub Game Off? Please create an issue. That will be the offical FAQ.
  • The official Twitter hashtag is #ggo12.