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Open M3U8 (working name)


This is an open source M3U8 playlist parser and writer java library that attempts to conform to this specification:

Currently the functionality is more than sufficient for our needs. However, there is still a lot of work to be done before we have full compliance. Pull requests are welcome!


We would like to give back to the open source community surrounding Android that has helped make iHeartRadio a success. By using the MIT license we hope to make this code as usable as possible.


We now have artifacts in Maven Central! Artifacts are typically built with Java 7.


dependencies {
  compile 'com.iheartradio.m3u8:open-m3u8:0.2.4'



Getting started

Important: The public API is still volatile. It will remain subject to frequent change until a 1.0.0 release is made.

Getting started with parsing is quite easy: Get a PlaylistParser and specify the format.

InputStream inputStream = ...
PlaylistParser parser = new PlaylistParser(inputStream, Format.EXT_M3U, Encoding.UTF_8);
Playlist playlist = parser.parse();

Creating a new Playlist works via Builders and their fluent with*() methods. On each build() method the provided parameters are validated:

TrackData trackData = new TrackData.Builder()
    .withTrackInfo(new TrackInfo(3.0f, "Example Song"))

List<TrackData> tracks = new ArrayList<TrackData>();

MediaPlaylist mediaPlaylist = new MediaPlaylist.Builder()

Playlist playlist = new Playlist.Builder()

The Playlist is similar to a C style union of a MasterPlaylist and MediaPlaylist in that it has one or the other but not both. You can check with Playlist.hasMasterPlaylist() or Playlist.hasMediaPlaylist() which type you got.

Modifying an existing Playlist works similar to creating via the Builders. Also, each data class provides a buildUpon() method to generate a new Builder with all the data from the object itself:

TrackData additionalTrack = new TrackData.Builder()
    .withTrackInfo(new TrackInfo(3.0f, "Additional Song"))

List<TrackData> updatedTracks = new ArrayList<TrackData>(playlist.getMediaPlaylist().getTracks());

MediaPlaylist updatedMediaPlaylist = playlist.getMediaPlaylist()

Playlist updatedPlaylist = playlist.buildUpon()

A PlaylistWriter can be obtained directly or via its builder.

OutputStream outputStream = ...

PlaylistWriter writer = new PlaylistWriter(outputStream, Format.EXT_M3U, Encoding.UTF_8);

writer = new PlaylistWriter.Builder()


causing this playlist to be written:

#EXTINF:3.0,Example Song
#EXTINF:3.0,Additional Song

Currently, writing multiple playlists with the same writer is not supported.

Advanced usage

Parsing mode

The parser supports a mode configuration - by default it operats in a strict mode which attemps to adhere to the specification as much as possible.

Providing the parser a ParsingMode you can relax some of the requirements. Two parsing modes are made available, or you can build your own custom mode.

ParsingMode.LENIENT // lenient about everything
ParsingMode.STRICT // strict about everything


InputStream inputStream = ...
PlaylistParser parser = new PlaylistParser(inputStream, Format.EXT_M3U, Encoding.UTF_8, ParsingMode.LENIENT);
Playlist playlist = parser.parse();
if (playlist.hasMasterPlaylist() && playlist.getMasterPlaylist().hasUnknownTags()) {
} else if (playlist.hasMediaPlaylist() && playlist.getMediaPlaylist().hasUnknownTags()) {
} else {
    System.out.println("Parsing without unknown tags successful");



This is a Gradle project. Known compatible gradle versions:

  • 2.1
  • 2.4

Build and test via:

gradle build

The output can be found in the generated /build/libs/ dir.

Cobertura is configured to report the line coverage:

gradle cobertura

producing the coverage report at build/reports/cobertura/index.html