Python based service to convert a respec document into EPUB3
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ReSpec (and Bikeshed output) to EPUB

Python script to assist in turning W3C ReSpec documents into EPUB; it can also convert HTML documents that were originally produced by ReSpec or Bikeshed into EPUB. The script does not aim at being a generic HTML->EPUB solution, it is indeed tailored at W3C TR documents based on ReSpec and Bikeshed.

Note that the project includes:

  • a command line tool to generate an EPUB 3 version of a spec, whether in ReSpec or generated from ReSpec/Bikeshed
  • a wrapper around the tool to provide a web service; the service is installed at
  • extension of ReSpec to call out to that service,

A documentation in HTML is also available, giving more details. You can also download the documentation in EPUB.


End User

If you just want to use the package, the simplest is to run

pip install git+

This will install the necessary modules and the command line tool. Its manual page is online


If you are a developer, you can clone the repository, install it from there, and off you go with your possible improvements

$ git clone
$ cd respec2epub
$ pip -e .  # this will run automatically

You can of course choose the "pedestrian" way to clone the repository and point your PYTHONPATH variable to the rp2epub module. In that case you should install html5lib manually (see the pypi entry for html5lib)

The documentation is in HTML, and can be started up locally in your browser pointing at PATHTOREPO/Doc/build/html/index.html