The wCMF web application framework
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wCMF (wemove Content Management Framework) is a lightweight Model Driven Development approach to application development based on the MVC pattern. It allows to create any kind of PHP web application, e.g. CRM, CMS from an UML model.

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  • Full featured object persistence layer:
    • Flexible mapper architecture with adapter to RDBMS
    • Optimistic and pessimistic object locking
    • Searching using template based object query and criteria api
    • Query caching and eager relation loading
    • Transaction support
  • Role based permission management (for actions, types, instances, instance properties)
  • Event system
  • Dependency injection support
  • Definition of the application flow through configuration files
  • Smarty Template Engine integration
  • Lucene Search Engine integration
  • I18n support
  • Flexible logging (Monolog, log4php)
  • SOAP and REST interface supporting CRUD operations on all objects
  • Eclipse MDT/UML2 compatible code generator
  • Modern Dojo based default application for content management


wCMF is available under an open source license (MIT License).