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A development environment for wCMF projects
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A development environment for wCMF projects consisting of:


  • Clone this respository into <base_dir>

    cd <base_dir>
    git clone

    This will create the following directories and files:

    - wcmf-workspace
      - docker
        - docker
          - webserver
            - config
              - php.ini
            - Dockerfile
        - .env
        - docker-compose.yml
      - eclipse
        - wcmf-eclipse.setup
      - www
        - index.php
  • Eclipse installation

    • Download and install the Eclipse Installer
    • Launch the installer and switch to Advanced Mode using the button in the top right corner
    • Press the + sign to open the Add user products dialog
    • Browse File System... to <base_dir>/wcmf-workspace/eclipse/wcmf-eclipse.setup and press OK
    • Switch to Simple Mode using the tools button in the lower left corner
    • Choose the product Eclipse IDE for wCMF Developers and press Install
    • Press Launch and select a workspace directory
    • Close Eclipse once before using it to make sure that all preferences are updated
    • For more information about using Eclipse with PHP visit the PDT website and to learn more about the modeling tools visit the Eclipse Papyrus website
  • Docker setup

    • Download and install Docker

    • To enable debugging support you need to get your local IP address (e.g. ifconfig)

    • Open <base_dir>/wcmf-workspace/docker/.env in an editor and enter the IP address

      docker_host_ip=<IP address>
    • Adjust paths, ports and additional configuration in <base_dir>/wcmf-workspace/docker/.env according to your environment (see default values)

    • Start the docker containers

      cd <base_dir>/wcmf-workspace/docker
      docker-compose up -d
    • Test the installation by opening the URL




      if you changed the value of the http_port variable


  • When connecting to the MySQL server from inside the webserver's docker container (e.g. from a PHP script) you have to use the host name mysql

  • Use the following command to open a shell in the webserver's docker container:

    docker exec -it docker_webserver_1 bash
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