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Quick and simple file sharing between different devices.

This is a demo on Heroku.

(User is demo, password is Quicksh@re, uploading/downloading speed is limited to around 100KB.)

Quickshare on desktop

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  • File Management
    • No client needed
    • No limit on file size
    • Stop and resume uploading/downloading in the middle
    • Share directories to others
    • Upload hundreds of files at once
    • Steaming uploading: make it work behind CDN or reverse proxy
    • Files can also be managed from OS
  • User Management
    • Support multiple users
    • User home directory
    • Per-user download & upload speed limiting
    • Per-user space quota
  • MISC
    • Adaptive UI
    • I18n support
    • Cross-platform: support Linux, Mac and Windows

Quick Start

Run in Docker (Recommended)

Following will start a quickshare docker and listen to 8686 port.

Then you can open and log in with user name qs and password 1234:

docker run \
--name quickshare \
-d -p 8686:8686 \
-v `pwd`/quickshare/root:/quickshare/root \
  • DEFAULTADMIN is the default user name
  • DEFAULTADMINPWD is the default user password
  • /quickshare/root is where Quickshare stores files and directories.

Run from source code

Before start, please confirm that Go/Golang (>=1.15), Node.js and Yarn are installed on your machine.

# clone this repo
git clone

# go to repo's folder
cd quickshare


OK! Open in browser, and log in with user name qs and password 1234.

Run executable file

  • Downloading: Download last distribution(s) in Release Page.
  • Unzipping: Unzip it and run following command DEFAULTADMIN=qs DEFAULTADMINPWD=1234 ./quickshare. (You may update its execution permission: e.g. run chmod u+x quickshare)
  • Accessing: At last, open in browser, and log in with user name qs and password 1234.


Coming soon.