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;; The grammar.
(name JukesCantor)
;; Transformation rules. These follow the pattern for a null model with rate matrix X.
(transform (from (S)) (to (X S*)))
(transform (from (S*)) (to (S)) (prob 1))
(transform (from (S*)) (to ()) (prob 1))
(update-rules 0)
;; Rate matrix
;; The state of this chain is a single nucleotide X.
(terminal (X))
;; Treat initial probabilities and mutation rates as functions, not variables.
(update-policy parametric)
;; initial probability distribution
(initial (state (a)) (prob .25))
(initial (state (c)) (prob .25))
(initial (state (g)) (prob .25))
(initial (state (t)) (prob .25))
;; mutation rates
(mutate (from (a)) (to (c)) (rate .3333))
(mutate (from (a)) (to (g)) (rate .3333))
(mutate (from (a)) (to (t)) (rate .3333))
(mutate (from (c)) (to (a)) (rate .3333))
(mutate (from (c)) (to (g)) (rate .3333))
(mutate (from (c)) (to (t)) (rate .3333))
(mutate (from (g)) (to (a)) (rate .3333))
(mutate (from (g)) (to (c)) (rate .3333))
(mutate (from (g)) (to (t)) (rate .3333))
(mutate (from (t)) (to (a)) (rate .3333))
(mutate (from (t)) (to (c)) (rate .3333))
(mutate (from (t)) (to (g)) (rate .3333))
) ;; end chain X
) ;; end grammar
;; Standard DNA alphabet
(name DNA)
(token (a c g t))
(complement (t g c a))
(extend (to n) (from a) (from c) (from g) (from t))
(extend (to x) (from a) (from c) (from g) (from t))
(extend (to u) (from t))
(extend (to r) (from a) (from g))
(extend (to y) (from c) (from t))
(extend (to m) (from a) (from c))
(extend (to k) (from g) (from t))
(extend (to s) (from c) (from g))
(extend (to w) (from a) (from t))
(extend (to h) (from a) (from c) (from t))
(extend (to b) (from c) (from g) (from t))
(extend (to v) (from a) (from c) (from g))
(extend (to d) (from a) (from g) (from t))
(wildcard *)
) ;; end alphabet DNA