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#!/usr/bin/env perl -w
use FindBin;
use lib $FindBin::Bin;
push @INC, $FindBin::Bin;
use PhyloGram;
my $progname = $0;
$progname =~ s!^.*/!!;
my $usage = "$progname: copy parameters from one grammar to another\n";
$usage .= "(Parameters must already be defined somewhere in destination grammar)\n";
$usage .= "\n";
$usage .= "Usage: $progname [options] <source-grammar> <dest-grammar>\n";
$usage .= "\n";
$usage .= "Options:\n";
$usage .= " -e <regexp> Only copy parameters whose name matches the given regular expression\n";
$usage .= "\n";
my $regexp;
my @argv;
while (@ARGV) {
my $argv = shift;
if ($argv eq "-e") {
defined ($regexp = shift) or die $usage;
} elsif ($argv =~ /^-./) {
die $usage, "\nUnknown option: $argv\n";
} else {
push @argv, $argv;
die $usage unless @argv == 2;
my ($srcGram, $destGram) = map (load_or_die($_), @argv);
my ($srcHash, $destHash) = map ($_->param_hash, $srcGram, $destGram);
my (@notInDest, @notMatch);
while (my ($param, $srcExpr) = each %$srcHash) {
if (defined $regexp) {
unless ($param =~ /$regexp/) {
push @notMatch, $param;
unless (exists $destHash->{$param}) {
push @notInDest, $param;
@{$destHash->{$param}} = @$srcExpr;
warn "Skipped the following parameters, as they did not match the regular expression: @{[sort @notMatch]}\n" if @notMatch;
warn "Skipped the following parameters, as they were not defined in the destination grammar: @{[sort @notInDest]}\n" if @notInDest;
print $destGram->tidy_string;
sub load_or_die {
my ($filename) = @_;
die "File '$filename' not found" unless -e $filename || $filename eq '-';
my $grammar = PhyloGram->from_file ($filename);
die "Failed to load grammar '$filename'" unless defined $grammar;
return $grammar;