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// pk 3/05 accept long input lines
#include "seq/alignment.h"
#include "seq/gff.h"
#include "util/phonebook.h"
// Stockholm tags
#define Stockholm_pound_space "# "
#define Stockholm_format_identifier "STOCKHOLM"
#define Stockholm_version_identifier "1.0"
#define Stockholm_alignment_separator "//"
#define Stockholm_header Stockholm_pound_space Stockholm_format_identifier " " Stockholm_version_identifier "\n"
#define Stockholm_footer Stockholm_alignment_separator "\n"
#define Stockholm_file_annotation "#=GF"
#define Stockholm_column_annotation "#=GC"
#define Stockholm_sequence_annotation "#=GS"
#define Stockholm_sequence_column_annotation "#=GR"
#define Stockholm_consensus_suffix "_cons"
#define StockholmConsensus(STOCKHOLM_TAG) STOCKHOLM_TAG Stockholm_consensus_suffix
// #=GR and #=GC tags
#define Stockholm_primary_sequence_tag "PS"
#define Stockholm_secondary_structure_tag "SS"
#define Stockholm_surface_accessibility_tag "SA"
#define Stockholm_transmembrane_tag "TM"
#define Stockholm_posterior_probability_tag "PP"
#define Stockholm_ligand_binding_tag "LI"
#define Stockholm_active_site_tag "AS"
#define Stockholm_intron_tag "IN"
// #=GF tags
#define Stockholm_comment_tag "CC"
#define Stockholm_identifier_tag "ID"
#define Stockholm_accession_tag "AC"
#define Stockholm_New_Hampshire_tag "NH"
#define Stockholm_bit_score_tag "SC"
#define Stockholm_Dart_alignment_weight_tag "WT"
#define Stockholm_GFF_tag "GFF"
#define Stockholm_WIG_tag "WIG"
// other stuff
#define Default_alignment_wildcard_char '*'
#define Default_annotation_wildcard_char '.'
// Fold string chars for specifying RNA secondary structures & alignments
struct Fold_char_enum
static bool is_lchar (char c) { return c == '<' || c == '(' || c == '{' || c == '['; }
static bool is_rchar (char c) { return c == '>' || c == ')' || c == '}' || c == ']'; }
// is_contiguous_digram returns true if a bifurcation is prohibited between two adjacent fold string chars
static bool is_contiguous_digram (char lc, char rc) { return lc == '~' && rc == '~'; }
// Stockholm-format multiple alignment with annotations
struct Stockholm : Alignment, Fold_char_enum
// typedefs
typedef pair<sstring,sstring> Tag_value; // #=GF line
typedef map<sstring,set<int> > Tag_index_map; // map from #=GF tags (e.g. "AC", "CC", "RT", etc) to indices into gf_annot vector
typedef map<sstring,sstring> Annotation; // annotation, keyed by tag (e.g. "SS")
typedef map<sstring,Annotation> Row_annotation; // keyed by sequence identifier
// data
Phonebook row_index; // mapping from row names to row indices; update after adding rows, by calling update_row_index()
vector<Tag_value> gf_annot; // free-form annotation for whole alignment
Tag_index_map gf_index;
Annotation gc_annot; // column annotation for whole alignment
Row_annotation gs_annot; // free-form annotation for each sequence
Row_annotation gr_annot; // column annotation for each sequence
// deep-linking alert!
vector<Named_profile*> np; // this is messy, as we have already have pointers to constituent Score_profile's, as well as names; but certain objects need the sequences as Named_profile's
// constructors
Stockholm (int rows = 0, int cols = 0);
static Stockholm* deep_copy (const Stockholm& stock, Sequence_database& seqdb); // adds new Named_profiles to the Sequence_database, and updates the deep-links in np[] and prof_sc[]
// row accessor
sstring get_row_as_string (int row);
// reset method
void reset (int rows = 0, int cols = 0);
void clear() { reset(0); }
// update method
void update_row_index();
// I/O
// max_line_len: increase to accept long input lines
// gap_chars: set this to override global variables in Alignment class
void read_Stockholm (istream& in, Sequence_database& db, int max_line_len = 0, const char* gap_chars = 0);
// The write_Stockholm method displays the entire alignment.
// The write_Stockholm_NSE method trims off columns that do not contain any matches or annotations (except for wildcard annotations, i.e. ".").
// Thus write_Stockholm_NSE effectively displays the interesting "local" part of the alignment.
// The co-ordinates of the local part are munged artlessly into the sequence name, using NSE (Name/Start-End) notation. (eugh)
void write_Stockholm (ostream& out) const;
void write_Stockholm_NSE (ostream& out, char annotation_wildcard_char = Default_annotation_wildcard_char) const; // writes a local alignment with NSE encoding
// lower level I/O
static void write_Stockholm_header (ostream& out); // writes format & version identifiers
static void write_Stockholm_separator (ostream& out); // writes separator line
void write_Stockholm_body (ostream& out) const;
void write_Stockholm_body (ostream& out, const Output_mask& out_mask,
bool use_NSE_names) const; // writes alignment
// helper methods to add rows & set all sequence pointers/refs.
// after calling add_row(), caller needs to call update_row_index() to update the row_index lookup.
int add_row(); // appends a new (empty) row
int add_row (const vector<bool>& new_row, const sstring& new_row_name, Named_profile* new_np = 0); // appends a new row
void set_np (int row, const Named_profile& row_np);
// override Alignment::discard_wild_sequences to update np
void discard_wild_sequences (const Alphabet& alphabet);
// const annotation accessors
sstring get_gf_annot (const sstring& tag) const; // GF accessor (concatenates multiline annotations)
sstring get_gc_annot (const sstring& tag) const; // GC accessor
sstring get_gs_annot (const sstring& seqname, const sstring& tag) const; // GS accessor
sstring get_gr_annot (const sstring& seqname, const sstring& tag) const; // GR accessor
// nonconst annotation accessors
// GF is problematic, can be split over multiple lines (well, all of them can really, but we ignore this)
void clear_annot();
void clear_gf_annot();
void clear_gf_annot (const sstring& tag);
void add_gf_annot (const sstring& tag, const sstring& val); // GF accessor; can only add lines
void set_gc_annot (const sstring& tag, const sstring& val); // GC accessor
void set_gs_annot (const sstring& seqname, const sstring& tag, const sstring& val); // GS accessor
void set_gr_annot (const sstring& seqname, const sstring& tag, const sstring& val); // GR accessor
void add_multiline_gf_annot (const sstring& tag, const sstring& multiline_val); // splits multiline_val by '\n', then calls add_gf_annot for each line
// method to erase empty columns & update #=GC/#=GR annotations
void erase_empty_columns();
void assert_flush() const; // check that all rows & annotations have same length
// accessors for specific annotations
double get_alignment_weight() const; // returns "#=GF WT" tag
sstring get_fold_string (const sstring& seqname) const; // returns "#=GR SS" tag (with gaps removed) or empty string
void set_fold_string (const sstring& seqname, const sstring& fold_string); // sets "#=GR SS" tag (adding gaps)
void add_gff (const GFF& gff);
void add_gff (const GFF_list& gff_list);
sstring get_ID() const;
sstring get_AC() const;
sstring get_name() const; // returns ID (if it exists), AC (if it exists & ID doesn't) or empty string
// helpers for specific annotations
void propagate_consensus_fold (bool override_row_folds = FALSE); // maps "#=GC SS_cons" to "#=GR SS" for each row
void make_consensus_fold(); // maps "#=GR SS" to "#=GC SS_cons"
// Stockade class: owns a Stockholm & Named_profiles
struct Stockade
// data
Stockholm align;
vector<Named_profile> np;
// constructors
Stockade (int rows = 0, int cols = 0);
Stockade (const Stockholm& s);
// copy constructor
Stockade (const Stockade& s);
// assignment operator
Stockade& operator= (const Stockade& s);
// method to add a row (NB alignment path is left empty)
void add_np (const Named_profile& np);
// Stockholm multiple alignment database (e.g. Pfam, Rfam)
class Stockholm_database
// data
list<Stockholm> align;
vector<Stockholm*> align_index;
// sequence name -> (nAlign,nRow) map
struct Align_row { int nAlign; int nRow; Align_row (int n = -1, int r = -1) : nAlign(n), nRow(r) { } };
map<sstring,Align_row> align_row;
// accessors
int size() const { return align.size(); }
// I/O methods
void read (istream& in, Sequence_database& seq_db, int max_line = 0); // increase max_line to accept long input lines
void write (ostream& out) const;
// builder method
void add (const Stockholm& stock);
void add (const Stockholm_database& stock_db);
// the following method autodetects FASTA/Stockholm (if FASTA, creates a separate alignment for each sequence)
// returns TRUE if Stockholm, FALSE if FASTA
bool read_Stockholm_or_FASTA (istream& in, Sequence_database& seq_db);
// helpers for various annotations
void propagate_consensus_folds (bool override_row_folds = FALSE); // calls propagate_consensus_fold() on each alignment
// method to update align_row & align_index: called by read(), read_Stockholm_or_FASTA()
void update_index();