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Adding autoconf support

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1 parent 18648cb commit 3bb27e662f488275e80e6e4c246490092ec11653 Ian Holmes committed Oct 10, 2009
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
# All Targets
# NB indiegram is not included in the target list by default, since it takes forever to compile
-all: stemloc xrate xgram xfold xprot simgram handel evoldoer psw weighbor utils
+all: stemloc xrate simgram handel evoldoer psw weighbor utils
@echo All targets built
# files & paths
@@ -86,9 +86,8 @@ indiegram:
cd $(SRCDIR)/indiegram; $(MAKE) -k $(RELEASE) workaround dep indiegram
-# xgram/xfold/xprot: variants of xrate
# simgram: generate simulated sample alignments from xrate grammars
-xgram xfold xprot simgram:
cd $(SRCDIR)/ecfg; $(MAKE) -k $(RELEASE) dep $@
# Probabilistic Smith-Waterman (PSW) implementations
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