A simple and easy to use C++ image processing library with focus on heterogeneous systems
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PenguinV is a simple and easy to use C++ image processing library with focus on heterogeneous systems. It is designed to have simple programming syntax and to deliver best performance. Some core features of the library are:

  • heterogeneous system support (CPU and GPUs)
  • optional GPU (CUDA, OpenCL) and SIMD (SSE, AVX, NEON) support
  • Python support
  • multithreading support
  • cross-platform
  • compactness
  • ability to process separate parts of an image
  • user-defined image types and more.

The project in is active process of development so new features are coming soon!


We welcome and appreciate any help, even if it's a tiny text or code change. Please read contribution page before starting work on a pull request. All contributors are listed in the project's wiki page.


To compile the source code your compiler must support at least C++ 11 version.

How to install

The library is distributed in the form of source code. To use the library you need to include necessary files into your application project. That's it! No more extra moves!

How to compile an example

Open README.md file in any of example directories and follow instructions.

Multithreading support

The library contains it's own thread pool which creates multiple tasks to run image processing function for a given image via multiple threads. Such tenchnique gives a big boost on machines with major CPU usage.

GPU support

All source code and descriptions related to CUDA or OpenCL are located in separate src/cuda and src/opencl directories respectively. Read full description about CUDA or OpenCL support in README file in the directory.


This project is under 3-clause BSD License. Please refer to file LICENSE for more details.

API description

Directory doc contains latest and valid information and description of library's API.