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How to use this bot:

To work with the default bot.clj, ensure you have leiningen up and working and do the following:

$ lein deps
$ lein uberjar
> ... 
> MyBot.jar 

$ java -jar tools/PlayGame.jar maps/map7.txt 3000 1000 log.txt "java -jar example_bots/RandomBot.jar" "java -jar MyBot.jar" | java -jar tools/ShowGame.jar

And you should be good to go.


Note that the start-up time is 3000ms instead of 1000; this is because it takes about that long for the JVM to get going with Clojure. If the bot times out, there's a chance you'll need to increase the time.

Hopefully there will be an update to the game engine that doesn't penalize slow start-up times (e.g. both bots send "OKAY" when they're all ready, then recieve the map/game-state from the game engine.)

The contest is hosted at

Please report any errors or bugs at