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OpenWebSoccer-Sim - Start your own Online Football Manager!

With with PHP based web application your website visitors can manage a virtual fantasy football (soccer) team and play with it against other users. They set the tactics for the next match, trade players, train their team, look for new talents in their youth section or extend their stadium. The software simulates all matches automatically and in real-time. It produces match reports with a live ticker similar to what you know from popular news websites. Setup your own football online game in order to attract new website visitors, make money through premium features or for playing against colleagues in your company intranet.

Download now!

Successor of HSE WebSoccer-Sim

OpenWebSoccer-Sim is the official successor of the commercial products H&H WebSoccer and HSE WebSoccer-Sim. It is maintained by Ingo Hofmann, a professional software engineer from Switzerland, who has developed the first version of the software in 2003. Ingo is very happy about support from other developers! If you feel like working on a new challenge in your leisure time, please feel free to contribute code or ideas.

You can reach Ingo via: Ingo ( at ) websoccer-

Documentation and Issue Tracker

Find out how you install, setup and enhance the software at the Wiki.

You found a bug or have an idea for a new feature? Then don't hesitate to open an issue at the Issue Tracker.