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OpenWebSoccer-Sim Manual

Work in progress..


  • Minimum space for the application files: 10 MBytes. Project specific picture files and data require additional space. For a usual project with 500 users, 1 GB should be sufficient.
  • PHP, minimum version 5.3.0.
  • The PHP configuration option "safe_mode" must have value "off". You might ask your web host provider whether safe_mode is switched off on your server. This option does not exist anymore from PHP version 5.4.0.
  • The PHP library GD must be installed. This should be standard at most providers, but you might ask yours anyway.
  • The PHP extension JSON must be installed. This should be standard as well.
  • MySQL database, minimum version 4.1.
  • The MySQL database must support InnoDB. This should be standard, but better ask.
  • If using external web services, such as from Facebook and Google+, the PHP extension CURL must be enabled.
  • When simulating matches minute-by-minute, it is recommended to have a Cron job which can be executed every minute. Most of the web host providers offer such Cron jobs, however often they often ask an extra charge.
  • Your webhost provider should allow the operation of an online game. It is recommended to get a written approval from the provider.