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HSPI_EnableRemotePlugins HomeSeer Logo

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This HomeSeer plugin enables remote connections to your HS3-Pi or HomeSeer HomeTroller Zee.


  • Grab the latest release available on Bintray and copy it to /usr/local/HomeSeer on your HS3-Pi or HomeTroller Zee

      ssh homeseer@<homeseer-server-ip>
      homeseer@HomeTrollerZEE ~ $ wget -O /usr/local/HomeSeer/HSPI_EnableRemotePlugins.dll ""
  • Restart HomeSeer

      homeseer@HomeTrollerZEE ~ $ sudo killall mono
      homeseer@HomeTrollerZEE ~ $ cd /usr/local/HomeSeer
      homeseer@HomeTrollerZEE /usr/local/HomeSeer $ sudo ./go
  • You should now be able to see EnableRemotePlugins showing up in the console output.

      [Startup]->Checking for available plug-ins
      [Plug-In]->Found plug-in: EnableRemotePlugins, version:
  • Browse to http://<homeseer-server-ip>/interfaces and enable EnableRemotePlugins-plugin

  • Console output shows EnableRemotePlugins-plugin initializing

      [EnableRemotePlugins]->Init plugin
      [EnableRemotePlugins]->Starting timer(s) for remote plugins to be initialized.
      [EnableRemotePlugins]->Initializing eventhandler(s) for remote plugins to be initialized.
      [EnableRemotePlugins]->Remote plug-in API interface started on port 10400
      [Plug-In]->Finished initializing plug-in EnableRemotePlugins
  • You should now be able to connect to HomeSeer via a remote-plugin-executable (client)

      mono HSPI_<remote-plugin-name>.exe server=<homeseer-server-ip>
  • Console output shows new incoming connection and initialization (server):

      [EnableRemotePlugins]->Incoming remote connection <client ip:port> (ClientId 1)
      [EnableRemotePlugins]->Incoming remote connection <client ip:port> (ClientId 2)
      [Info]-><Plugin Name>. IP:<client ip:port>
      [EnableRemotePlugins]->Preparing to send .InitIO to 1 plugin(s).
      [EnableRemotePlugins]->'<Plugin Name>:'.InitIO(COM1)
      [EnableRemotePlugins]->'<Plugin Name>:' initialized.                 

Known issues

Due to version conflicts in the HomeSeer API you're limited to use only free plugins (HSPI AccessLevel 1).

A possible workaround (untested):

  • Recompile your plugin against the correct Zee references
  • Copy the recompiled .exe to /usr/local/HomeSeer on your HS3-Pi or HomeTroller Zee
  • Restart HomeSeer
  • Reconnect the remote plugin
  • Rejoice?

More info can be found in this reference thread


Get the source code and compile

The source code for this project is hosted on github. You can use the regular commandline git tools to get the source code on to your machine.

To get the source code onto your machine:

git clone

Build from source:

cd HSPI_EnableRemotePlugins/
./gradlew buildAll

Copyright and licensing

Code and documentation copyright 2014-2015 iHomeAutomate. Code released under the LGPL-2.1 license. For commercial licensing please contact info[at]

Social media

@ihomeautomate iHomeAutomate Facebook page +IhomeautomateEu