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My name is Ihor Zenich. I'm frontend developer for EPAM, living in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

I'm known as author of HTML5Checklist, co-author of CSS-methodologies "101" examples, CSS Browser Selector + and BEM evangelist.


More info:


Short bio:

Professional interests: frontend-developers management, ways to speedup html markup and it's quality.

Major domains: e-commerce, medical, avia, online training, video streaming, digital, landings.

Specialization and skills:

  • CSS project architecture
  • HTML developers team management, in-company standards, coaching, sometimes creation/editing of interfaces.
  • Expert Knowledge HTML5/Jade/CSS3/Sass/Stylus
  • RWD, Retina
  • Site performance optimization
  • Bulletproof semantic markup, mobile adaptation, email templates, print version
  • JS/jQuery
  • Grunt/Gulp/Webpack
  • HTML/CSS frameworks: Bootstrap, H5Boilerplate, MDL and experience of customizing it and creating new
  • Video encoding (including Avisynth and DRM)
  • Really had the experience with: UI/UX, WAI-ARIA/WCAG2, Microformats (1 and 2)/Microdata, SEO, Adobe Edge