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use v6;
# Copied, with minor translation to Perl6, from the escape.t file
# in the CPAN URI distribution
use Test;
plan 9;
use URI::Escape;
ok(1,'We use URI::Escape and we are still alive');
is uri_escape('abcDEF?$%@h&m'), 'abcDEF%3F%24%25%40h%26m',
'basic ascii escape test';
is uri_escape(no_utf8 => True, '|abcå'), '%7Cabc%E5', 'basic latin-1 escape test';
is uri_escape('|abcå'), '%7Cabc%C3%A5', 'basic utf-8 escape test';
is uri_escape('|a b cå'),'%7Ca++b+c%C3%A5',
'basic utf-8 escape test w spaces';
is uri_unescape(no_utf8 => True, '%7C%25abc%E5'), '|%abcå', 'basic latin-1 unescape test';
is uri_unescape('%7C%25abc%C3%A5'), '|%abcå', 'basic utf8 unescape test';
is uri_unescape("%40A%42", "CDE", "F%47++H"), ['@AB', 'CDE', 'FG H'],
'unescape list';
ok not uri_escape(Str).defined, 'undef returns undef';
# vim:ft=perl6