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ditz integration with git
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Git-integration for ditz.

  • requires git >= 1.7.7

Allows to run

git ditz <any-ditz-command>

in your git repository. It can automatically commit your new/modified issues and can handle the case that the issues live in a different branch than your project. It stores its configuration in git-config variables.

The following git-variables can be set:

  • ditz.branch - name of the branch where the ditz-issues are located
  • ditz.executable - path to the ditz-executable to use
  • - string that is eval'ed after running ditz with all commands
  •<command>-hook - string that is evaled after running ditz with command <command>
  • - if set, automatically commit changes made to the ditz files by ditz
  • - if set, use this message for auto commits
  • - string that is eval'ed after automatically committing (needs to be enabled)


Example 1

Ditz notes live in a different branch called "issues"

git config ditz.branch issues
git config t

Example 2

Ditz notes live in a different branch called "gh-pages". After each update of the ditz database, update the html and push to github (such that the github-page reflects the current state of you ditz database).

git config ditz.branch gh-pages
git config t
git config "ditz html; git add html/*; git commit -a -m \"updated html\"; git push"

Now, after every commit (which happens after every change to ditz' database), the html is refreshed and pushed.

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