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This mod is a helper for those who deal with the mod localization, a feature supported starting from the KSP 1.3. It may be helpful and save a lot of efforts for both the mod authors and the community translators.

In short, the tool can do the following:

  • Extract the localizable strings from the parts of the selected mod.
  • Patch the part configs so that they support localization (by putting tags into the localizable fields).
  • Extract the names of the events and actions from the part modules.
  • Extract the GUI strings from the code.
  • Reload the localization config file “on the fly”, without restarting the game.

What to read

Depending on what you are going to do, see the respective chapter:

If you have questions, suggestions or want to report a problem, please, do it on the official forum.

Installation and usage

To install the mod, get the latest version from the releases page. Extract the release archive into the GameData folder so that the mod's dll is located in path:

Kerbal Space Program/GameData/KSPDev/LocalizationTool/Plugins/KSPDev_LocalizationTool.dll 

The tool's UI by default is activated by the Alt+F8 key combination. You can change it via the config file which is located at:

Kerbal Space Program/GameData/KSPDev/LocalizationTool/PluginData/settings.cfg 

Don't miss the UI basics page to learn how to use the tool!

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