A more isolated virtualenv
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A more isolated virtualenv

Install / Update

curl --fail --location https://github.com/ihucos/avenv/releases/download/0.2/avenv-dist.tar | tar -xf - -C /usr/local/bin/

How to use

Just exactly like virtualenv (but it's called avenv)

What is this ?

It's basically a lightweight replacement for containers in the interface of virtualenv, so you don't need to learn new stuff.

Why should I use it?

More isolation. You don't even need to have python installed.

Linux only support

Tell your employer to stop using Macintosh

No Python 2 support

Life is no Ponyhof. It's over, no Python 2 support.

I can't setuid/setgid inside my venv.

Ensure you have newuidmap/newgidmap installed and that your user have some uids/gids in /etc/subuid and/or /set/subgid. Apt for example needs this.

Does it run LibreOffice?

Of course

$ avenv venv # initialize the virtualenv
$ venv/bin/apt-get update # you can imagine that as kind of like a chrooted ubuntu linux
$ venv/bin/avenv-update # remap all executables in a PATH to venv/bin so you can call them comfortably
$ venv/bin/libreoffice # run libreoffice

Could I use this for other stuff?

Yes, it's kind of based on this: https://github.com/ihucos/bchroot

cough cough click on my super awesome container engine I want people to use: https://github.com/ihucos/plash aham