IIAB 6.7 Release Notes

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Internet-in-a-Box (IIAB) 6.7 will build on IIAB 6.6, to be released around November 2018 (Wiki, GitHub) in service of DIY digital libraries everywhere.

Consider installing a pre-release today, from download.iiab.io/6.7 !

What's New? (TENTATIVE)

  • PREVIEW: Copy Internet-in-a-Box Content Packs to (and from) USB sticks and portable disks. If a teacher's own ZIM files on a USB stick can be hot-plugged into Internet-in-a-Box, that will be considered too. Coming soon in IIAB 6.7 or 7.0: #828, #857
  • PREVIEW: Experimental Captive Portal for new users who have trouble typing in http://box, http://box.lan and — to help get everyone started right away — even if they are not familiar with Latin-based keyboards. Optionally includes dnsmasq, to improve DNS etc, instead of named/BIND. Coming soon in IIAB 6.7 or 7.0. Implementer docs will emerge off of: #608, #1180
  • PREVIEW: Offline email for students and teachers, using Lokole. Coming soon in IIAB 6.7 or 7.0: PR #894
  • PREVIEW: OpenStreetMap improvements for implementers customizing regional Map Packs #1170
  • PREVIEW: Node-RED & Mosquitto (MQTT) support for IoT (Internet of Things) electronics projects. Coming soon in IIAB 6.7 or 7.0: PR #854

What's Upgraded? (TENTATIVE)

  • Internet-in-a-Box's 1-line installer for Raspbian Stretch, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and Debian 9 is ruggedized and more efficient (and can quickly recover if Internet is interrupted during your IIAB installation). Pick your favorite suite of Internet-in-a-Box apps the very moment you begin: whether you want ~6, ~12 or ~20 apps! Implementers please read http://FAQ.IIAB.IO to get to know /etc/iiab/local_vars.yml — as well as the "./runrole" command within IIAB's main directory (/opt/iiab/iiab).
    • Experimental support for Debian 10 "Buster" is included, in advance of Debian 10's release in 2019. Support for Debian "Sid" (AKA Debian's "unstable" bleeding-edge branch) is also improving.
    • Ansible 2.7 helps future-proof Internet-in-a-Box configuration management
    • FUTURE: 1-line installer for IIAB should pre-populate local_vars.yml, auto-reboot intelligently, allow setting of both passwords (pi and iiab-admin) and automate the torrenting+installing of KA Lite compressed videos (etc) in 7 languages. Coming soon in IIAB 6.7 or 7.0: #872, #884, #1028, #1189
    • FUTURE: Rapid networking & configuration changes that can't wait ~20min for Ansible. Coming soon in IIAB 6.7 or 7.0: #796
    • FUTURE: Your Raspberry Pi's onboard Wi-Fi hotspot can be used to simultaneously get updates from the Internet. Coming soon in IIAB 6.7 or 7.0: PR #697, PR #748
  • Kolibri is upgraded to Kolibri 0.11 ? #1110
  • Calibre us upgraded to Calibre 3.32
  • Calibre-Web support via http://box/books is reinforced #1213
  • WordPress is upgraded to WordPress 4.9.9 (ETA 2018-11-05) or WordPress 5.0 #986, #1181
  • Nextcloud is upgraded to the latest Nextcloud 14 (blog) — or possibly Nextcloud 15 (ETA 2018-12-06) ? #1048
  • Moodle is upgraded to 3.5.3+ LTS (ETA 2018-11-12) ? #1131
  • Extensive Fixes. See our changelog of accomplishments!

How do I try it?

TL;DR! Try our 1-line installer for Raspberry Pi 3 (or 3 B+), Ubuntu 18.04 LTS or Debian 9/10:

 curl download.iiab.io/6.7/install.txt | sudo bash

On Raspberry Pi, you'll want the latest Raspbian Stretch OS (2018-06-27 or higher) installed onto a microSD card large enough for all your content. Installation usually completes within two hours, if your Internet speed is very fast. An actual Ethernet cable greatly helps avoid Wi-Fi glitches! See download.iiab.io/6.7 for speed and security tips to hit the ground running.

Finally if you're adventurous, try installing onto another Linux, using our Do Everything from Scratch install instructions — getting you to the most important step — where you can add content!


Thank you e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e for building your own DIY Library of Alexandria. To serve One & All. Building on this software and designs contributed by [CONTRIBUTOR NAMES GO HERE] — among many others!

Not just in your own community — but by keeping in touch with our global volunteer community network (http://OFF.NETWORK) each of you are providing the lifeblood "fieldback" — that keeps us motivated enabling Internet-in-a-Box's quality content collaborations across ALL communities!

Join our Monday/Thursday calls if you too can help: MINUTES.IIAB.IO

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ.IIAB.IO

Known Issues

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