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This repository provides a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for GLOBIOM. The master (default) branch is designed for the FABLE version of GLOBIOM.

Getting Started

To make this repository work with GLOBIOM_FABLE, clone it to a GUI directory co-located with the GLOBIOM Model directory. From the command line, this can be done as follows:

cd <directory where you cloned GLOBIOM_FABLE>
git clone GUI

This should yield a GUI directory adjacent to the Model directory.

The GUI requires Java 8 specifically. Higher Java versions might work, but are currently untested. If you do not have a Java 8 runtime installed on your machine, you can download OpenJDK 8 here. Choose the HotSpot version for best performance.

On Windows, you can see which Java versions are installed via Add or remove programs.

Beware that Java versioning is confusing: a Java 8 installation uses "1.8.something" as a version string.

After locating or installing Java 8 on your machine, edit GGIG_java_path.txt to point to the java executable/binary of the installation:

  • Determine the path to your java binary/executable. On Windows, a typical path is C:\Program Files\AdoptOpenJDK\jdk-\bin\java.
  • Go to the GUI folder created on cloning the repository.
  • From there, load GGIG_java_path.txt into a text editor, enter the path that matches your Java installation, and save.

Thereafter, the GUI can be started by running globiom.bat, a cross-platform launcher script. The GUI runs on Windows and MacOS. On Linux there is an issue that we expect to resolve soon.

Introduction and dependency installation

For slides introducing the GUI and detailed installation steps for GLOBIOM dependencies, see the A GUI for GLOBIOM presentation.

Further reading

For next steps and information regarding the many features of the GUI, please visit the GLOBIOM GUI page.


The GLOBIOM GUI is based on GGIG, the Gams Graphical User Interface Generator. We are grateful for the generous guidance and assistance concerning GGIG provided by Wolfgang Britz and Torbjörn Jansson.

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