An open source implementation of the server
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slither npm-deps

This is currently under extremely active development, and you probably shouldn't use it unless you like broken software.

This is supposed to be an open source implementation of the slither server built on top of Node.js that emulates the full functionality of the original server.


You can get the latest stable release from the releases page. Once you've downloaded it, you are ready to run the following commands:

$ cd slither
$ npm install

Obviously, if you want to try the latest version, you can clone the master branch but can have bugs because it's a development branch, so don't use it for production.

The server depends on Node.js, npm and other packages that are downloaded and installed during the installation process.


You can start the server by executing $ script/run or $ npm start.

The server will be accesible at localhost:8080 but you will need a client (you can use the original one) to be able to play the game.


If you want to install a plugin, add it to packageDependencies in the package.json with the respective version.

  "packageDependencies": {
    "my-plugin": "0.1.0"

and run $ script/install.


You can contribute to the project by cloning, forking or starring it. If you have any bug, open an issue or if you have an interesting thing you want to implement into the official repository, open a pull request.


MIT © Iegor Azuaga