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Getting Started Using the DropboxSDK for iOS:

1. You need the 4.2 version of the iPhone SDK. The version of your Xcode should
   be at least 3.2.5.
2. You need to have registered as a Dropbox app at You should have an app key and 

Note: The SDK is designed to work with iOS versions 3.2 and above.

Building and using the example app:
1. Open the project file in examples/DBRoulette/DBRoulette.xcodeproj
2. Fill in the values for appKey, appSecret, and root in 
   DBRouletteAppDelegate.m application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:
3. Make sure the build is set to Simulator. This setting should be near
   the top-left corner of Xcode.
4. Build and Run app
5. Once running, make sure you can use the app to login and view photos in your
   Photos Dropbox folder without getting errors.

If you cannot run the app without getting errors, make sure your consumer key
and consumer token are correct. Also make sure that your app has been
approved by Dropbox for mobile access.

Adding DropboxSDK to your project:
1. Open your project in Xcode
2. Right-click on your project in the files tab of the left pane and
   select "Add Files to '<PROJECT_NAME>'"
4. Navigate to where you uncompressed the Dropbox SDK and select the 
   DropboxSDK.framework subfolder
5. Select "Copy items into destination group's folder"
6. Press Add button
7. Ensure that you have the Security.framework and QuartzCore.framework are
   added to your project. To do this in Xcode4, select your project file in 
   the file explorer, select your target, and select the "Build Phases" sub-tab.
   Under "Link Binary with Libraries", press the + button, select 
   Security.framework, and press Add. Repeat for QuartzCore.framework if
8. Build your application. At this point you should have no build failures or

Using the Dropbox SDK:
To learn more about using the Dropbox SDK, there is a tutorial on the Developers
page at