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2016-09-01 YASUOKA Masahiko
* Update to 1.0.4
2016-07-07 Ryuichiro Nagasaka
* Support decimal franction for the interval prefix
* Suport highlighting by changing color and attributes
2015-09-07 YASUOK Masahiko
* Fix English from Preben Guldberg
* Improve manage from Preben Guldberg
2015-01-20 YASUOKA Masahiko
* Use <sys/types.h> instead of <sys/params.h> not to refer
unnessesary definitions.
2015-01-16 YASUOKA Masahiko
* Update to 1.0.3
* iwatch.1 was installed twice (gnu make only) (pointed out
r-yoneda at iij)
2015-01-15 YASUOKA Masahiko
* Disable maintainer mode on configure by default. (suggested by
koga at iij)
2015-01-12 YASUOKA Masahiko
* Tweak the man page
* Update to 1.0.2
* Fix crash if the malloc() returns uninitialized memory since the
buffer was not initialized where it is expected. (From jca at
* Update to 1.0.1
* Tweak the man page
* Update
* Fix not to use memcpy to copy overlapped memory.
* Add missing the NULL terminate argument for execl(3)
* Update to 1.0.0
* Call this problem "iwatch" that is the original name.
Suggested by utashiro.
2014-02-19 YASUOKA Masahiko
* Fix not to display a garbage when exec(2) fails.
2014-02-14 YASUOKA Masahiko
* Revert the original way of handling of command and arguments
to be able to use a pipe. It
uses "sh -c" to execute the command with the arguments,
therefore it requires doing "shell escape" at the arguments.
* Introduce new -x option to avoid using "sh -c" in handling
command and arguments. With this option, doing "shell escape"
is not necessary because command and arguments will pass to
exec(2) as it is.
2014-02-12 YASUOKA Masahiko
* Fix to parse the given arguments properly on Linux.
2014-02-11 YASUOKA Masahiko
* wide char support.
* execute the given command and argments keeping untouched.
2014-01-30 YASUOKA Masahiko
* Add 'ctrl-l' to refresh screen.
* follow window size change immediately.
2001-12-17 Kazumasa Utashiro @ IIJ
* Added line-reverse-mode.
2000-06-26 Kazumasa Utashiro @ IIJ
* All source code was overhauled and implemented many
interactive commands enabling various control from keyboard.
Help screen was also implemented.
2000-06-23 Takuya Sato @ IIJ
* Original expantion is done by Takuya Sato of IIJ to implement
reverse option and scroll capabilty.