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Daemon client and cli tool for IIJ Legs service.
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legs-client provides the cli command tool and client daemon for legs product.

Legs service document =>


Please execute below command. downloads client tool to current directory.

$ curl --silent | sh

After installation, you can show version info by version command.

$ ./legsc version

And if you need, copy tool binary to /usr/local/bin

$ sudo cp ./legsc /usr/local/bin/legsc

Basic Usage

# show help
$ ./legsc

# set secret key
$ ./legsc secret <your secret key>

# export config file with all current/default values
$ ./legsc export

# specify config file path
$ ./legsc -c path/to/config.yml secret <your secret key>

# start client in foreground
$ ./legsc start -f

# start client in background
$ ./legsc start

# stop client
$ ./legsc stop

# send data to server
$ ./legsc send routing/name '{"value": 1}'


# get go libraries which use in project.
$ make setup

# dep ensure
$ make dep

# start daemon with localconfig and tail log file.
$ make run

# stop daemon
$ make stop

# format by goimports
$ make fmt
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