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Summary: Lightweight Ruby
Name: mruby
Version: 0.0
Release: 0
License: MIT
Group: Development/Languages
Packager: Tomoyuki Sahara (
Buildroot: %{_tmppath}/%{name}-%{version}-%{release}-root
BuildRequires: binutils, bison, gcc, ruby, unzip
mruby is the lightweight implementation of the Ruby language complying to
(part of) the ISO standard.
%setup -T -c -n mruby-master
cd ..
unzip -q %{SOURCE0}
ruby ./minirake
install -d $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/%{_bindir}
install -c -s -m755 bin/mirb $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/%{_bindir}
install -c -s -m755 bin/mrbc $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/%{_bindir}
install -c -s -m755 bin/mruby $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/%{_bindir}
rm -rf ${RPM_BUILD_ROOT}
* Tue Jan 22 2013 Tomoyuki Sahara <> 0.0-0
initial version.