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Content as Code is an approach to develop workflows and technology to improve content re-use and maintainability.

It aims to make content authoring and management benefit from software engineering collaboration best practices.

Our design goals are to enable:


Our technology approach builds on top of lightweight tools that separate concerns (instead of large monolithic frameworks as generally seen in CMSes):

  • Using Git for version control
  • Using Markdown and enhanced flavors of Markdown for authoring
  • Support dependency tracking at the fragment level.
  • Support static website generation and interoperability with content management systems
  • Support a micro-service approach to providing commenting, statistics and other dynamic features.


Content as code is supported by a partnership. The partnership brings together implementers contributing to projects publishing free/libre and open source content and wanting to have a lightweight (post-CMS or CMS-Free) approach to content management that focus on the author experience (as well as editor and translator experience).

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